Monkey has a few unique items such as his telescopic staff , an indestructable staff that can extend and

shrink if Monkey so chooses . The staff can also shoot plasma bolts and stun bursts depending on the ammo

Monkey has collected, his favorite weapon of choice. Monkey is also capable of driving a little cloud around, a

small device that conjours up a glowing hover board that only Monkey can ride on . When Trip asked if she could get on it, monkey replied Sorry , only room for one . The cloud only works in some areas but apparently Monkey knows how to activate and deactivate it by twisting it a certain way , he doesn't know how it works , all he knows is that it works in some places and not in others , a very reliable steed for our nimble hero. Monkey is apparently

very skilled at riding The cloud ...but where he got this handy item remains a mystery. The cloud can be used as a quick means of transportation over water or land, reaching speeds he never could on foot.

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