The Slave Headband is a device that once placed on someones head, the controller can use it to make the one wearing it do as they say
1152049-monkey in pain-1-

Monkey headband.


The Headband Edit

The Headband is a device used by Pyramid to control his slaves, and also to input his memories of America before the war. Trip stole one from the slave ship, so she could hack it and make herself the link commander, as well as adding a health bar, and shield meter. Trip placed it on Monkey to force him to help her get back home and to help get revenge on the ones who started the slave program. Trip rewired the headband, so that if her heart stopped beating, for any reason, Monkey would die with her, by unleashing a lethal dose of the electric currents into his brain.

Known Commands Edit

Below is a list of verbal commands, (As seen in-game), issued by a captor to control the wearer of a slave headband:

  • "Command, terminate slave (slave number)" - Causes the slave to painfully die.
(Issued by Pyramid to a slave for helping Monkey)

  • "Command, stop" - Forces the wearer to stop where they are.
(Issued by Trip to Monkey to stop him from attacking her)

  • "Command, move away from me" - Forces the wearer to move away from their captor.
(Issued by Trip to Monkey, to stop him from attacking her)

  • "Command, stay with me" - Forces the wearer to follow their captor.
(Issued by Trip to Monkey to ensure he escorts her)

  • "Command, help" - Forces the wearer to come to their captors aid.
(Issued by Trip to Monkey to save her from the Rhino)

  • "Command, return" - Forces the wearer to return to their captor.
(Issued by Trip to Monkey if he strays too far from her)

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