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In contrast to Monkey who relies on his survival skills and power, Trip is a 19-year old who originated in more civilized areas. She comes from a wind farming community. In this community, the people are known for their expertise of reprogramming old technology. Trip is also extremely skilled at reprogramming. Regardless of her skills, she still can't survive alone and needs a bodyguard. By using Monkey's strength and combat skills, she has a chance to achieve freedom. Trip hacks into a slave headband and places it on Monkey's head, forcing him to escort her back home or suffer a painful death.

Trip can use her dragonfly camera to scan for deadly mechs and weaknesses so Monkey can take them down. She can open doors, solve puzzles, distract enemies, and more.

Quotes "Save me, save yourself." -- To Monkey.


  • Trip gets her name from the Sanskrit "Tripitaka", used by Buddhists to describe their numerous holy scriptures. It is also the translation commonly given for the main protagonist in the historical Chinese novel "Journey to the West".


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